Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Unending Crush...

Watching the way Nimyel did his work then enthralled me as a child… And I knew I had fallen in love! That was a part of my childhood that remains evergreen in my memory. My mum tells me that as a child I played much more with books than with friends. And, even now,I can say they are still my companions.
To see myself in the shoes of Aisha Bello, oops! Katung, oops again! Bello (not altering names like she did), but doing what she did on T.V. so perfectly, was a dream I nurtured. Today, I sit quietly pondering over the past years and events that has taken part in shaping my destiny and I wonder if there remains a chance for me…
When on earth did I start to think differently? I was an above average student in primary school. I loved reading and; surprisingly newspapers and magazines were my favourite and news casting was my aspiration. I talked to a few people. I was quiet and shy, yet I desired to let the world hear me when I become older. In my junior years in secondary school, my performance did not drop. I found myself in the midst of gifted students and so that made me a typical. I also learned that much regard is given to sciences and I thought I want to be like my Pa.I want to be a Pharmacist or a Doc. I thought I will be more accorded when I’m in the science field… I didn’t only think that but it was so and still is.
My first year in senior class, I made it through as a science student though not good enough to take me to the next level (S.S. II) in my school (a standard that will be acceptable in other schools). I was forcedly advised to switch to arts, which I must oblige to, which I did oblige to. I had mixed feelings. I was unsure of myself. I no longer knew what I wanted. Then came the first arduous decision I had to make in life.
It was time for me to choose a study path that will determine my future career. And all that kept gushing to my head was “do something professional”. Many offered that I should study Law, insisting "it will fit you!" For me, Law was not an option 'coz I thought Literature was a prerequisite to studying Law which I didn’t do in my O’ levels (but that was a wrong thought, I only realised when I got to university). I loved Economics but thought it was not professional enough. I kept battling with my head and the result, Accounting! I am not far-off from completing my degree in accounting.
To be candid, I like accounting but not until the tail end of my 4 + X years of studies(X being an unknown variable that must be added to the known, to get the actual years of studying in a Nigerian Govt. University). I joined a writer’s league on campus. I began writing shortly before commencing my B. Sc studies. I have a few collections of basically non-fiction and poetry (though not excellent, by my own rating). I did so many things that gave me so much joy… I read news at religious gatherings. I joined a small unit that gather and publish on boards interesting campus and global news.
I was a part of many editorial boards. And yes, doing all that gave me joy. Reading Bala Muhammad and Al-Bint on Weekly Trust, Soul Sista’s diary on Nigeria Village Square (NVS) website and even Tears and Joy on Ray Power, Kano makes my day spicier! As all these thoughts unfurl I realised I never did forget those times with Nimyel, , when I watched him telecast on NTA. I had always been in love… and still is with journalism.